Deb's Whisperwoods

Deb's Whisperwoods Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

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               Able Valley Farm Marlena

                                          D.O.B.  3/17/2017 

   Black and gold buckskin, white poll, white tip on tail, white mark on face.

                                             LA - Will be appraised in 2018. 

ParentsGrand-ParentsG Grand-ParentsGG Grand-Parents

Shere Country OB Alejandro

06-02 88 VVE

 NC Promisedland RC Obama *B

02-06 84 +++

Rosasharn's TL Cauldron ++B

04-00 90 VEE

Rosasharn's Tiger L

++*S 'E'

Rosasharn's UK Witch Hazel 5*D

2005 AGS Nat'l Best Udder

AGS SGCH Caesar's Villa LV Breezy 1*D

06-01 87 VEEV

2009 90 VEEV

     2008 90 VEEV     

Caesar's Villa Felicia's Levi *S

Caesar's Villa STS Bridget

2004 AGS Nat'l CH.

SG Silveraurora SB Explicit

03-04 90 EEEV

AGS GCH Twin Creeks WB Sebastian Bach  +B

05-02 90 VEE

MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +* 'E'

Ponder's End Araina *D VG

AGS SGCH Rosasharn UN Bumble B 5*M

10-03 92 EEEE

Rosasharn Under My Thumb
Rosasharn UMT Honey Bee

Able Valley Farm Freckles

01-03 83 VV++

CH AGS Grasse Acres Elvis

03-02 84 ++E

02-05 86 VVV

Kaapio Acres Rip Tide

06-04 88 VEE 

Kaapio Acres SB Tidal Wave

CH Kaapio Acres Bambi

06-07 91 EEEE

(2nd place/2nd udder in 5-6 yr. class at 2013 ADGA Nat'l Show

AGS Grasse Acres Sweetie
Piddlin Acres KR Zeus
MK Grasse Acres Gabriel 
Heidi's Mini Acres Nadia
Heidi's Mini Acres Nathan
+*B Sugar Creek MT Sally's Nate

AGS SG Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan

11-10 91 EEEE

MI Sugarcreek TS Nellie's Vickie 3*M
AGS Velvet Acres RB Tuscan Sun

AGS Sugar Creek MT Nellie 2*M




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