Deb's  Whisperwoods 

Deb's Whisperwoods Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

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AGS SG Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan  

 Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan 2*D

Meg earned her ADGA Superior Genetics designation at 13 yrs old!!

Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan 2*D AR1678   at 3 yrs old

                                                                    D.O.B. 10/30/1999

   Color: Sundgau with blue eyes                 


CAE-Neg. 2/08/12  

2012 Linear Appraisal Score EEEE "91"   

official measurement at Linear Apraisal 20 inches.

Show wins:  GCH and BOB Northern Lights Goat Association Show  June 16, 2007 Judge: Tom Considine

Meg will forever be my favorite Nigerian doe with her sweet personality and affection for me. She is an amazingly prolific doe in her lifetime she has freshened 9 times producing a total of 25 offspring, mostly triplets, all blue eyed. At 13 yrs. old she is now officially retired and deserves to live out the rest of her life being pampered and appreciated. Below is a current photo of Meg Ryan taken on Sept. 16, 2012 when she was Linear Appraised for the first time at 12yrs 11 months old. My appraiser was so glad Meg was in milk as he stated " I really want to be able to appraise this doe, thank you for bringing her"  He went on to say she "excels in dairyness and would like to see more nigerians with the traits she has". Needless to say, we were very proud of our Meg. Truly a grand old girl and she knows it! Look at that smile!
The sad part is I have no sons or daughters from her at this time. But I have acquired a great grandaughter Babel Brook Acres Z Carly Simon. Thank you Kristin, Babel Brook Acres for this doe and also Julie, Shere Country for your hard working in helping me get this pretty doe kid as well. We are also very exciting about the doe kid we will be getting soon from Logan Corn, Tonto's Barn We can't wait to get Tonto's Barn Reese's Puffs home! Her photo is located after the one of Meg Ryan below:
SS: 4 Fun Val's Twist of Lemon *S
SD: ARMCH Gay-Mors Magic Naiad 5*D 'E'
DS: Gay-Mors T Blue Looney Tunes *S
DD: Munchranch East Nellie Backata *D

One of Meg Ryan's sons:
photos and info on Steven courtesy Logan Corn, Tonto's Barn

Sugar Creek's PG Steven Seagal *S(AGS)
CH.AGS Sugar Creek's PG Steven Seagal(ADGA)

LA score EEE 90 excellent

Color: Sundgau/white overlay with blue eyes

                                                       D.O.B.: April 14, 2003

                                                  Litter: triplets (2 bucks/1 doe)



MCH/CH 4 FUN Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold +*S E

4 FUN Twist of Lemon *S
4 FUN Valentino *S
Stonewall's Palliser +*S VG AGS 86.8
4 FUN Miss Scarlet 2*D VG
ARMCH Stonewall's Hetta Carbury 2*D VG


Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump Up +*S
SF Smilla's Sense of Snow *D
ARMCH Gay-Mor's Magic Naiad 5*D E
ARMCH Munchranch Magic Marker +S 90 Excellent
Munchranch Phantom
MCH Willow Creek Livid 90.8
Gay-Mor RA Midge 4*D
Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S
Gay-Mor Kneehi Toa Grasshopper

Gay-Mor's Blue Looney Meg Ryan 2*D AR1678  EEEE "91"

Gay-Mor's T Blue Looneytoons ++*S

MCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder +*S
MCH Glady Porters Zoo Ali's Tex
Woodhaven Farms Moondancer *D E
Piddlin Acres Alley Oops *D
Jobi Toledo +*S
MCH Piddlin Acres Diamond Deb 'E'
Munchranch East Nellie Backata *D E AR1553
Woodhaven Farms Hakuna Matata
Storybook Domino
Woodhaven Farms Snow White Doe
Woodhaven Farms PJ
Storybook Mali
Woodhaven Farms Tootsie



Date Show JudgePlaced
06/05/10PDGA Summer in the Mountains Kay Kimmel 1st
06/05/10 PDGA Summer in the Mountains Kay KimmelGrand Champion
05/14/11 SCDGA Classic David Funk 2nd
05/14/11 SCDGA Classic Will Pearson1st
05/14/11 SCDGA ClassicWill Pearson Grand Champion
05/14/11 SCDGA ClassicWill Pearson Best of Breed
05/14/11 SCDGA Classic Will Pearson Best Buck in Show
06/05/11 Small Animal Producers Jean Lucas 1st
06/05/11Small Animal Producers Jean Lucas Grand Champion
06/05/11 Small Animal ProducersJean Lucas Best Buck in Show


Some of Meg Ryan's daughters:

Sugar Creek PG Jane Seymour

photos courtesy of Poppy Patch


Deb's Whisperwoods PG Vanna White


Deb's Whisperwoods PG Vera Miles

photo courtesy Olson Acres

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